Standing Explained


This is all existing stuff that was agreed apon centuries ago...

Sanctified Ordis - Sanctified Holy Knight Order
Orders - Recognized Knight Order
Regular Army - Members of Good Standing in Recognized Military to a country with a constitution that has stood the test of time.
Home Guard - Members of Armies that do not leave the borders to defend a country.
Militia - Every able bodies Man, Woman and Child of the age of consent or higher, ready to defend their country.
Mercinaries - Men and Women under arms that only work for money, not duty to country or faith.

*Standing is about area of responsability the greater of the area of responsablity the greater the standing. That can be measured in people and inches or centimeters.*

Knight Ordis / Orders obligations cross country boundries
regular army cross borders to defend a country
home guard must defend a border
militia stand are ready to defend a border
mercinaries are paid per day or task.

*Knight ordis are scatified versions of orders and simply have standing due to duty to something greater than
the order's commander. They report to not speak for. Like the catholic church as over a billion people all the
catholic ordris and order  report to something greater than there members. So instead of one country they
are having a duty to protect a large number of people. Ordis are scantified so have more standing than orders
but that is something the orders all agree to. Knight of columbus are a knight order that did not cross borders
before so has less standing than order who has to cross borders to defend people. If they have members
outside the usa then they more standing than they used to. knights have more standing than regular army
becasue they protect both the country they are based out of and can be asked to help people of their sect
and at the request of the church the faith of the greater faith. In the usa I think technially the marines are
a knight order but don't call themselves that, but they issue the sword and duty firearm, and have to
have a duty to god, country and self.

speaking for a area of responsablity (usually a province/state or county) or terriatory
a lord in his name
a lady in her name
an ennuch in it's name (transgender or something not masculine or feminine)


senators are controlling a state's voice so much like a barony is a baron or baronees a senator is a state senator
or county senator or district senator

a house of representatives is the house of ... so if the district is a county then it would be that counties name,
for example volusia county would be house of volusia, which why they have to have unqie names. I think they
are all districts using numbers now, in which case it would be the state's name then the number, so for example
the house colordo's district one. which is shorted to house rep then the number.

so you would have counties as counts if it is one or if controlled by group that is a house lord or lady, or
a lord senator or senator if controlled by a senate.

Mayor are not usually even Essquires because they don't have equal standing with others of that title one can
speak for ten people and another for two million... thus an Essquire such as a judge or magistrate can over
rule any mayor, through court orders. To explain Es Squire is literally A Squire in catalan. Most people got confused
over what it meant to be a squire. A squire is person born of no standing who raisies above that. The joke is anyone
of nobility still has to take the Bar Exam to have legal standing. The state Bar is everyone citizen in good standing
who has passed the bar exam. From there most are sneaky sneaky so they don't have to worry about being held
accountable for every thing they do. Attorney at Law are Doctoral Thesis holders in the subject of Legislation. Laws
Statues and so forth. The great thing is anyone can attempt the Bar but once you pass you have to live up to the
standards you set in the Bar Exam. A senator or house rep can change the laws. It is were jusidiction come from.
A city area of resposability extends to it's borders and no further and is beholden to the country it is in, while a county
extends to the next county over, which is controlled by a county seat or district, both of which report to the state seat
also known as the state capital. They send representatives to the federal capital to controll any laws that impact the
country as a whole.

National Secrataries and Vizers, have standing because they advise the leaders of large nations. Clergy and echistial
burcaies having standing due to their congregations. Felons are considered to be in bad standing. Most recognized
standing comes from the test of time, or having been the same set of rules that do not change over two hundred years.
So the United States of America has a constitution with rules that can not change but can be amended for clarity.

Traditionally the useage is one at the front and one at the end. So a Essquire is Mister or Master somename Essquire
thus can be addressed as Essquire somename, if you know they are an Essquire. A knight someone with two years
of good conduct military service and passed the bar exam to that level is a Mister or Master someone Sir Knight and
can be address as Sir or Sir someone or Sir Knight Someone. Master is an unmarried male citizen and Mister is a
married gentleman. Both are abv Mr. Miss is an unmarried female citizen. Missus is a married female citizen. Mz is
prefer not to have it known. Things get confusing when you have mutitple oaths of duty. I carry a title of Monsignior
which is abv Mons. It means that I knew a previous Pope of the One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.
In my case that was Father Gregory when he was Cardinal Gregory. A couple years later he became John Paul the
second. It is a protected title so that members of the Catholic faith no if they ask a Monsignior a question they answer
it to the best of their ability. I hold titles in other countries that don't make any sense in the United States of American,
but it is a different culture. So while I have a bunch of titles you try to use the ones that make sense to the people
you are talking to without claiming a title that is not earned. Every oath is a weight on your body as something you
have to live up to. Some people need to live with less duty to something greater than themselves. I have trouble
understanding that but I know people have to live where they can actually live not where someone else expects them
to live. I always forget this but military rank is at the end so that when you see it, it can be used as a replacement for
Mr, Mrs, Miss, Mz. So General Someone would be written Sir Someone, General; or General Someone.

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Aiguillette or Military Braid is a subject that often comes up. Due to ego a long time ago the existing knight ordis and orders decided
to limit how military braid is used. So they limited it to two colors and simply Aiguillette of two colored ropes of fabic braided together.
The Catholic Church was assigned Argent and Cobalt blue. Due to most of the world being catholic at the time no one had the guts
to argue. The decent thing to do is use four colors that are visibly district at three hundred paces.
This means all catholic Ordis and Orders have to add two colors. Since Azure, Argent and Gules is flag of the united states and
the united kingdom and Ordis and Orders do not represent all the citizens of those countries, so only using two of the colors is
nessacary so someone is not confused to thinking the Ordis or Order's first call of duty to all citizens. We do our best to live by
our ethics but being honest with one's self requires us to admit our first call of duty to God above all else.

Rules already in use:

Blood stains happen it is a military wear replace as soon as resonable.

Pink will look worn unless very careful with color choice.

Sable by itself is colors not yet assigned.

io jima is a flag that burned but still held which is where the Night Sky, Night Gules, other colors representing the horrors of war.

Navy blue is very hard to tell apart from Night Colors at rifle range. So you can only use one color that is so dark it is only
visibly distinct at close range.

Chaplins wear a rope on their right shoulder and United States Marines wear a single color blue rope on the left showing duty as a catholic infantry first and foremost. Likely that is going to simply end up as Drill or Technical Instructor rope to show that the marines history as drill instrutors and duty to have to tell the truth as much as possible making the Drill or Technical Insturtors carry that forward. Paramedics are likely going to get to where a gules and argent rope on the left shoulder to show non combat status. Left being solely of duty and the right shoulder showing duty to ethic driven by faith in something holding them responsablity even through death. being a non combat thing to get
four colors crimson on gules, and argent on arum might work for the paramedics and the red cross organazation. This being that paramedics
red cross aid workers can be shot for lieing about being non combatants meaning if they are shooting at people they need to remove the
braid as soon as possible. It is one of things when they are giving aid and insurgents drive up shooting they have to figure how best to save
lives while not pretending to be non combatants. The red cross is a non combat organazation but they usually are working in combat zones.
They may have to take pass the bar exam to wear the braid but they are being held to the standards already.

Ordis Draconis Sancti (things that burn)
Azure    (greek fire with cobalt water that burns sorry)
Argent   (divine fire)
Night Sky, Navy Blue, or Night Gules (rememberance of fire's cost)
Acid Green   (nuclear biological or chemical fires)

Ordis before Order but actually standing is always confusing.

Marine Corp (I am guessing based on exsisting tradisions)
Azure  (infanty cord braided in)
Gules (blood stripe)
Navy Blue (navy heritiage)
Arum         (spanish bullion)

I really can not be sure what the other orders are going to use for four colors, the colors are supposed to come from their
heraldry. Helms are set by a bunch of confusing things that need to be explained by the heralds college.

Latin primer for those that don't speak latin since the Ordis is mentioned.

                    masculine               feminine
                    singular    plural      singular            plural
nomative       us ium ior um or      a  æ    ar  ær   am  aor
domitive        is ior ier    im ir        ai æį   air æįr   ine er

æįr child of blood decent ie thane gult of their heirs.
  * The joke being from her hips... meaning that using æįr means you are born of a woman of peerage, and that the ethics rules
     apply even as a kid. Once you are twenty fours years of age you are either the principle heir or the actual, other wise the
     other standing is used.