Heraldry Concepts

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Argent white or silver in color. Off White fabric bleeched white as snow, Argent.
In metal the color of Polished Silver, Antiqued Silver, Aircraft Aluminium, Platinium, Iridium.
Azure is the closest dye that can reproduce the shade of H99SE6L8D in high speed velvet rayon.
Azure waves of grain. refers to rayon dyed with cobalt the cobalt metal is extroplated to wood fibers.
Gules is the color of human blood. It was made at one point by bleeding on bauxit (baking power).

Arum is gold or yellow in color the cloest dye can reproduce H24 SF7 L85 in fabric.
In metal the color of Polished Brass or Gold/Arum.
Electrum is gold electroplated to silver with mercury.

Navy Blue the darkest shade of color still able to be defined as blue.
Night Gules the darkest shade of color still able to be defined as gules.
Night Sky the darkest shade of color still able to be defined as green mixing blue and yellow solar light.

Vert is the color of pine needles.
Purple is the color from conch shells.

Orange is the color of rust.

There are other colors defined in healdary. Most of the shiny colors are metals electroplated to high speed rayon.

You start at red and end at red.
Red ~ 622 and 780 nm          Symbolized by vertical lines
Crimson is the brightest shade of red.
Gules is blood shed in defense of a nation.
Pink is the most subtle shade of red.
Night Gules is the darkest shade of red that can still be seen as red.

Orange ~ 597 to 622 nm
Rust is shade of rusting iron.
Safety Orange is the brightest shade of orange. Orange traffic cones.
OD Tan is the most subtle shade of orange.

Yellow ~ 577 to 597 nm          Symbolized by evenly spaced dots
Aurum is gold or yellow with rich tone.
Caution Yellow is floresant yellow, slightly towards green. ~ 570
Electrum is gold exectroplated to silver with mercury.

Green ~ 492 to 577 nm          Symbolized by NW to SW lines.
Acid Green is the bright shade of green.
Vert is shade of pine needles.
Sage Green is most subtle version of vert.
Night Sky is the darkest shade of green still able to be seen as green.

Blue ~ 455 to 492 nm          Symbolized by horizontal lines
Azure is bright shade of blue.
Navy Blue is the darkest shade of blue.
Torquise is the most subtle shade of blue.

Violet ~ 390 to 455 nm          Symbolized by SW to NE lines
Purple is the color inside conch shells.

Argent ~ 390 to 780 nm          Symbolized by vertical lines
Argent is white of fresh snow, bleached fabric, or silver in color
Gun Metal is the color of hematite gems or mercury

Sable ~ 0 nm          Symbolized by cross hatching
Sable is the contrasting color of argent

Existing fields of color called furs
Sable - a field that lacks color including white
Counter-Sable - a field of cross hatching
Ermine - a pattern of arrow crowned by three balls
Counter-Ermine - a pattern of arrow crowned by three balls of the contrasting color
Vair - a pattern of tent shaped objects or dags pointing north
Counter-Vair - a pattern of tent shaped objects or dags pointing north of the contrasting color

BDU - field of woodland camo
DCU - field of desert camo
Mar Cam - Field of marine camo
Digi Cam - Field of digital camo

Existing Borders and Partition Lines (these modify the division lines below)
Engrailed - a analog sine wave of curves to point much like waves on the ocean
Invected - a counter to Engrailed and much like an open parachute
Embattled - a stepped curve along a flat line or a checker board pattern
Reaguly - an embattled curve pulled trapazoid to the east
Dovetailed - an embattled curve pulled trapazoid to the widening to the south then north alternating
Potent - a refined dovetail curve pulled to the shape of interlocking T shapes
Indented - a digital sine wave
Dancetty - a longer wave form between the troughs of an Indented pattern
Dancetty floretty - a Dancetty wave form crowned by floris
Nebuly - a sine wave of omegas
Urdy - a sine wave of vair
Rayonny - a sine wave of flames, reserved for scantified word use

Existing divisions
Per Pale - a line vertically bisecting a coat of arms
Per Fess - a line horizontally bisecting a coat of arms
Per Bend - a diangle line bisecting a coat of arms
Per Saltire - a pair of diangle line bisecting a coat of arms
Quarterly - a horizontal and vertical line bisecting a coat of arms
Per Pall - a pair of diangle lines meeting at the center of a coat of arms and falling south
Tierced - a division of three parts dividing a coat of arms

Existing divisions in bold
Chief - The top third of the coat of arms in a contrasting color
Fess - The middle third in horizontal of the coat of arms in a contrasting color
Pale - The middle third in vertical of the coat of arms in a contrasting color
Bend - The middle third in diangle NW to SE of the coat of arms in a contrasting color
Bend Sinister - The middle third in diangle SW to NE of the coat of arms in a contrasting color
Bendlet - The middle third in diangle and narrow of the coat of arms in a contrasting color
Chevron - The middle third in two diangle meeting lines that break short of the crest of the coat of arms
                                in a contrasting color
Pall - The middle third in a Y shape dividing the coat of arms in a contrasting color
Saltire - The middle third in X shape diviing the coat of arms in a contrasting color
Chief and Pale - The middle third in a T shape dividing the coat of arms in a contrasting color
Cross - The middle third in a + shape dividing the coat of arms in a contrasting color
Base - The bottom third of the coat of arms in a contrasting color
Two Bars - Two horizontal bars dividing the coat of arms in a contrasting color

Existing Ordinaries or devices
Semy - A pattern of charges or devices of equal size and shape in a contrasting color
Goutty - A semy of curved rain drops of equal size and shape in a contrasting color
Semy de lys - A semy of flur de lies of equal size and shape in a contrasting color
Bezanty - A semy of gold roundels of equal size and shape in a contrasting color
Hallow - A semy of mythic creatures at play offset with some type of plant in a contrasting colors
Paisley - a semy of curving flowers with leaves and a stem

Double Treasure - A pair of inset creasts in a contrasting color diving the coat of arms
Bordure - A thick line accenting a pattern or charges in a contrasting color
Canton - A rectangle representing an inset field of honor upon a coat of arms in a contrasting color
Lozenge - A diamond representing an inset field of honor upon a coat of arms in a contrasting color

Fret - A knotwork pattern representing an inset pattern as a device or charge upon a coat of arms
                            in a contrasting color

There are a couple others that take a lot of words to describe and colleges do not always agree on them.

           How the the colors were set orignally
Oringally the colors had to reference something that was always that color. Like azure you could hold up
refined cobalt and know that if you shield had faded too much much, you have to have new shield painted
the old one retired. In the united states if a flag failed to meet the colors they would buy a new flag and retire
the old one over a campfire playing taps. Pine needles from a pine tree not a spruce were what vert was
compared to. Purple the color of wet conch shells. Navy Blue was the darkest shade of blue still reconginzeable
as blue. Blue is a funny color in that it always looks blue. The best example offends people so I won't mention
it but if you look at water you know it is blue just not which shade of blue. Most of the oringal tints were set on a
cold coast meaning the water came down from the north and flowed to the south so navy sailed in dark blue
waters north of the meternian sea. In the united states we have areas of water the color of cobalt but not so
much around the thirteen colonies. The United States of America's flag was said to be the most obnoxius and
arrgonent flag because we used rayonne velette which is refined cobalt ore eletrocplated using electricalty that
was recently descoved at that point by non scandanians who used thorium sugar crystals to heat water and
pattern weld iron swords and rifles. To them electric was not the same as lighting. It was Benjamin Franklin
who figure out uses for it. Rusting swords and amrour were always oranage were the rust showed through.
Which is why they have to painted with primer first.

Other possible colors and fields
               (the patterns have to be large and distinct at a distance of 100 meters)

Palm Tree - A semy of palm trees offset, think a hawaiian button up shirt
Woodie - A semy of old fashion cars offset, think a hawaiian button up shirt

Night Train is the darkest shade of orange. Rusting iron train at night time...
New Buck is the closest you can get in sweade to OD Tan.

Puma - softest shade of purple
Jungle Panther - Night Puma
Jungle Cat - field of stripes of contrasting colors, on a solid color,  think boonie hats.

Any solid color or pattern has to be described in words and look the same no matter which college of heraldry
            sees the words and attempts to understand what they are seeing. In the United States of America check out
            your local public libaray or the college of arms for the department of defense on the web.

Becasue science can measure the length of a wave lenght

Radio Waves
wave bands from 3 kilometers to 3 meters

RW 3 km to 30 cm or 3,000 m to 0.3 m

wave bands from 3 meters to 30 centimeters

MW 30 cm or 0.3 cm to 30,000 μm to 300 μm

Infrared (IR)
wave bands from 30 centimeters to 740 nanometers or 0.74 micrometers wide

IR 300 μm to 0.74 μm or 0.3 cm to 0.00074 cm

Visible Light 780 nm to 390 nm or 0.780 μm to 0.390 μm

Red 780 nm to 622 nm or 0.78 μm to 0.622 μm wide

Orange 622 nm to 597 nm or 0.622 μm to 0.597 μm wide

Yellow 597 nm to 577 nm or 0.597 μm to 0.577 μm

Green 577 nm to 492 nm or 0.577 μm to 0.492 μm

Blue 492 nm to 455 nm or 0.492 μm to 0.455 μm

Violet 455 nm to 390 nm or 0.455 μm to 0.390 μm

Ultraviolet (UV)

UVA 315 - 400 nm
UVB 280 - 315 nm
UVC 180 - 280 nm (the sun's color as viewed from earth is about 240 nm while producing all the visible and IR light above)

extreme UV 10 - 180 nm (water vapor deflects these wave length)

X-rays (10 nanometers to shorter than 100 picometers)
   *accerated electrons and crushed neutron clouds

Soft X-ray 10 nm to 0.1 nm or 10,000 pm to 100 pm
Hard X-rays less than 100 pm
  this is explained by the wave is sonic boom of the electron or neutron cloud moving through space.

Gamma Rays (wave lengths of less than 100 picometers)
   *accerated protons

Gamma-rays  less than 100 pm due
  this is explained by the wave is sonic boom of the proton moving through space.
            So a bit on how Rayonny works and how other faiths would use other symbols in a simalar way. A field of
            Rayonny represents a choir of angels looking after a catholic parisionor but a buddist would use a field of
            ansestors representing the acts of the past life helping a person in this life. Heraldry is about different families
            working together with very few common ties, usually treates and such. Pretty much early on people killed each
            other if they had the same coat of arms kinda like two women showing up to a major even in a new dress that
            looks like the same dress. So no matter how socilized we are taking another's colors or faith and mocking it
            leads to some of the bitterest conflicts and is a bad idea. It is much better to find a coat of arms that is built
            the same way while looking cooler becasue once they set to cloth you can not change them only add new arms
            to old arms. For instance my childhood arms are from proposing to a woman it was really funny then things got
            awardward after that but my arms in my own name are based on the silly things that happened as the result of
            my own deeds. Like geogre washington's arms which he could not displace until the bicentenial were about
            crossing the delware with troops that their feet were bleeding. He had arms made becasue he saved lives and
            won the war. Due to breaking an oath he had to wait until long after he was dead for his descendants made it
            two hundreds years to prove breaking that oath was right. The United States of America is here despite all the
            attacks so he was right. One of the most important things in coats of arms is using generic looking symbols
            that represent something you did that brought honor and dignity to country you have sworn an oath to. Going
            back to Washington's arms it is a red line that represents the lives saved and the blood lost. He latter regretted
            the lack of stockings or shoes for all his soliders which lack of might have cost the republic some battles, and
            more importantly crippled some of his men who were his friends. So the UCMJ has a section about having to
            wear underware, socks and cover that stay warm when wet. When the first Army of Armies was created by
            congress the president that held the position Dwight D Eisenhower, his crest shows the helm of a military rank
            as he was general before becoming president which is why congress was able to rise him to five stars to take
            over the military while the generals and admirnals argued over who was in command. The anvil a pun or play
            on words of his family lineage Eisenhauer or one who cuts hews wroght iron. They were likely part of the iron
            wraughts guild at one point which made all the decorative wroght iron. Most people have anglized words in the
            families names when they come over to the united states and since most normal people did not have a last name
            but an occupation it confuses people born with a surname.
A bit on how charges work. So if you did not inheirt arms from your parents as Essquires you usually have a normal life. You play catch with your kids, you go on pinics and don't generally worry about anything other than having a good life.

People who desire grandure, act on the need to help people. Charges are always animals or mythic creatures so people
remember it is only an icon not the person. So when you do things in life you gain memories. When you have passed
the Bar Exam in countries that have passed the test of time, the college of heraldry looks at the things you have done
in life that have helped other people.

A good example is my child hood arms the most signifacant thing I did was help someone find their way home. My arms in
the United Kingdom may still end using that as my Primary Charge. What I think is likely going to be my primary charge is

Ån Ázure, Argent, and Acid Green Vǻs'´Ðrakkæn reading a tomb of forgotten knowledge upon a night sky field of Stars Ázure.

This is because the dragon from my heritage and from the Banshee YF-37A. It looks like a dragon and is changing the
way people view the race to mars. Forgetten Knowledge becasue I speak many forgotten tougnes trying to find answers
why. Tomb means book but it also means grave. I found many of the answers in what people thought were grave but
simply were hiding places people hoped the knowledge would be there still if anyone tried to destroy all traces of it.
I got permisision and found answers. If I had simply randomly looked all I would have found would have been death.

You can only use so many colors and my Ordis is catholic so I have to start with Argent and Azure, since flag law says
you can only use two of a countries colors, that means secondary charges can be gules or crimson but my primary colors
have to match the Ordis.

There is a couple other things hidden in the words and the College of Heraldry in the United States, United Kingdom, Vatican
City, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Japan, and a few other countries that have pasted the test of time.

Benjamin Mathias Solheim et Vas’Drakken
Benjamin Mathias Solheim™ AKA Byórðæ
įr Vas'´Ðrakken™ AKA Åmörtįs Vas´Drakken™ AKA Benjamin Mathias Solheim du piers VasDrakken™ AKA Vas of Ordis Sancti Draconis™ AKA ベンジャミンマディアス・ソルハイムがュ彼の肩に竜の男橋脚 Vas'´Ðrakken™ AKA Benjamin VasDrakken™ AKA Baelkiyori™... AKA Åmortįs Byórðæįr Benjamin Mathias Medræs Vlör Vas´Drakken et Vǻs'´Ðrakkæn of Ordis Sancti Draconis™ AKA Byordur VasDrakken™ AKA Byjordaeir "Benjamin" Mathias VasDrakken of Oslo, Norway™ AKA SrA Benjamin Mathias Solheim™ AKA Shiny Bright water fall™ AKA Freezing rain falling from heavens blessing the dawn light upon the killing cold waters of the fjord™ AKA Bright Waterfall™ or just Byordxir, be harder, be ardur, be hoarder, be more heir like™ or just super cooled air or freezing rain falling through the heavens, thus be ordered air, yet still more heir like™...

My Hawaiian Name is Benjamin Villa Handstand Pheonix, because I married a hawaiian woman when I first set foot on
Hawaii. I really don't understand their culture most of the time but it is clear it works. But the trademarks above are due to
work in other countires and other legal systems. There should be something in Arbic and Hebrew but I can wait until
they decide what to call me if it is long after I am dead and gone. My order orignaly were refered to as ifrit due to sword
forged of iridium and then coated in greek fire to cut through armor. This time around we are trying to see if anyone
figures out behave so they get stuck with the hard decsions. The Vas simply means sanctified knight or a Essquire with
military service of good conduct. The Vǻs'´Ðrakkæn is a combination of Vǻs which is knight with the hat at a jaunty angle,
the '´Ðrakkæn is a Drakken with claw marks to acknowlege the pan asian jokes about how many toes a dragon has... four
plus two dew claws and big toe... Due to makeing and eating fairy bread there has to be an Auróböros Dragon the tail and
or the body likely ends up curling on self in some way to create a never ending Drakken.
This is the baronal arms one of my
children by an female Essquire has
already inheirted.

It is a spotted cat with a collar of a
diamond in the rough. The tourtament
helm represent actual combat experience
and Spotted Cat rampart reprsents my
British Female Lover had a child that
inheirted. The gold foil wrapping paper.
You can see the Argent and Azure is
a deeper shade of blue than Azure
becuase at that point they were still
trying to figure out how to make that
shade of blue. A young woman in
Arizonia figured out the old ways
based on some comment I made, and
not wanting to lose. I said I needed it
in a certain color to match the original
flags and my Oridis colors.

These may have been replaced by the
child that inheirted I still have to get
over to the United Kingdom one of
these days, but they have been transfered
already to one of my children born of
a noble woman loins as the rules state.