Byórðæįr is strapped in a laughing as he looks at the shiny white leather seats as all the marines lock their helmets down before enbarking into the ship for final ready check. The sargent major shurgs and says we have an aqua rebreather we can use or a set of tanks we can use from the air here for you because we ride up in vacuum. Byórðæįr looks at them and asks vacuum? She laughs and says none of this and ways her hands at the air around them. At this point Byórðæįr looks at them like they are crazy. He says this and makes the same hand motion. The Sargent Major grins at something he does not know anything about. She looks at him and realizes most of the marines are five eight to six four where they are earth centric and used to dealing with twenty gravities of acceration but still were born on worlds closer to earth standard.

Realizing that all the native were skinnier and really ripped irnory of their clothing aside and they might be at more gavities or air pressure due to the larger cloud wall. She walks up to the pilots and asks them what the standard millebars are on this planet. The pilots grin and say it is not that bad only 1100 millebars like an extra thousand feet of air.

She blinks and asks where people are not choking on too much air and the pilot snickers and says most scuba tanks are rated for 1200 millebars so that you get more oxygen. She says so it is not like crush depth but more oxygen? She grins and says the scuba tanks it is. He blinks and says we are taking a native up to the ship? She says yes he looks human. He says have a corpsman scan him down here as his home of record for id purposes otherwise he might have trouble coming back here.

She says good idea. She walks back to the crew dec and says you with me and points to the marine corpsman and they walk Byórðæįr down the ramp and they scan his retinas and finger print him as an indig to M87 Prime known as surfer's paradise. Then she grins and tells the corpsmen they need to collect medical air down here in case of any issues with the air pressure change. She blinks and says we have all been breathing the air fine. The Sargent Major says have you ever seen a bad case of the bends? She blinks and blanches pale white. Then the Sargent Major says focus on the scanning and documenting first. They document Byórðæįr as a native of surfer's paradise and when they ask what country he blinks and asks if that is the same as a bastion?

She thinks and says a bastion is like a city state? How do they get along? Then asks how do you prevent war? Byórðæįr says the moot or world gathering is between the Arcadians and Vyrlings happenes every summer at the Tor. She blinks and says so one group controlls the entire world? He grins and says Ja VO. or yes indeed. 

The corpsman says what do I write down? The Sargent Major says just write down Tor. It is simplier when the pencil pushers get here they may change it with an addendum but for know they have working  government. The corpsman says but how if no one is there every day? The Sargent Major sighs and says you saw the locals that are wadering around did they look hungry? The corpsman sighs and says they looked like they walked off the runway then giggles and says the fashion runway. The Sargent Major sighs again and says they likely eat better and work out every day but the very air beats them into shape.

The corpsman sighs and says I would like the air to beat me into shape instead of doing pt. Byórðæįr looks at them and says I understood the words but not what you said. Both women look at him and say men...
He blinks and says I think... at which point they cut him off, saying no you stay right there we have to document you and get you up to the ship before the captain sends someone down for us. They lead Byórðæįr up the ramp and tells the marines that the air pressure might kill them if they don't suit up before taking off so the suits can reajust their air pressure before they get back on canned air in the battle cruiser. They all blink and grab their helmets off their seats and snap them down. Then she tells the commander
that they likely need to gather medical grade air for a scuba suit and tank for take off.

He blinks and says I figured he was going to have to go up in a space suit for the depressuation flight considering the aeropilots up front. He says the armory has something that should fit him since the regs still require five ten to six two for pilots. He says hey you, then blinks and says that is not going to work. He looks at the Sargent Major and says what do I call him there is no way I can pronouce that word you keep using when talking to him. Byórðæįr says Byó is what my friends call me when annoyed the commander says I am not going to put in my report I called an indig byo it sounds too much like boy. Byórðæįr says it is from fjorde with a bee sound. He looks around and vee ored... someone says vector, and other says zoom zoom... and
he says serious people he is going to likely get stuck with some time people can pronouce as a nickename. then one of the troops laughs and says what about v pipe or or vlor? Byórðæįr says pipe est ore? The guy laughs and says it is coding but since you speak so many languges it is just one more to learn. Byórðæįr looks at the Sargent Major and says are they laughing at me or is it just funny? She blinks and says maybe neither? Vlor shurgs and says if it works my name is simply longer now. The Sargent Major points to the laminated id hanging around his neck and says that no matter what people call you that is your name on file.
Then she laughs and says Vlor help up carry the equipment out side to gather some medical grade air. He looks at them funny but then shurgs and says where to?

She leads him and several marines to the armoury below the flight dec where the equipment is stored. The unbolt the cabinet to move the equipment outside and they laugh and say it is four person lift or two people are tressel arms. Then they laugh and say hey Vlor come lift this side. Vlor not getting the joke walks over and lifts one side of the five hundred pound equipment. He blinks and says who is on the other side. The sargent Major says stop acting like a fool those slot have two carry poles to carry it outside. He says oh, it's
not that heavy. She snorts and says even if you dead lift it carry it twenty miles to sight is why it is a four person carry. She sighs and Gunny Murphy and Corpal Hazer, you idiots are carrying the back side. Vlor you are behind me so I can steer.

She points to the poles bolted to the wall. They unbolt the four sets of poles and slide them into the equipment to carry through the shuttle. They slide them in from the front and then lock them into place. Murphy and Jason grumble as they stand betwen the poles on the back side and the corpsman says remember lift with your backs. Murphy grumbles you can say that not having to lift one. The corpsman grins and says if I trip and break my leg carrying one the paper work would take you weeks to explain.

The commnader says people use hurry up and do like the lady says. Pardon me do as the Corpsmen says. Corpswoman... ah what ever just do what you know you are supposed to be doing. The Sargent Major sighs and says just lift it up and murphy and jason laugh and says ours is lifted...

the Sargent Major grins and says forward march, and then vlor use the same foot and don't spend time staring at my butt. Vlor grins and says I imagine it is a pretty butt but who can tell when it is covered up by armor. She snorts you will if you are not careful. Some one chokes and mutters something. The first shirt says move while you talk.

Chapter Two

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