Chapter Three

Byórðæįr going by the handle Vlor so that the troops can pronounce his name, follows the Sargent Major down the drop ships load ramp. This is Vlor's first introduction to military cadence. Being used to a motley of fools, he takes to making up silly cadences right away. Once they set down the machine and it begins filling several large tanks of cyrogentic tanks, Vlor asks how it works. The corpswoman starts explaining how it works and the troops commander speaks up and ask Vlor are you sure you want to know how that works? We are playing a game of cards over here. He looks at the commander and says so if this is how I can be certain to, then he gets a puzzled look on his face as he realizes there is a word for drowning but not for breathing... Vlor looks at the Sargent Major and says et to nied est... ? She blinks and says breathing est... then starts laughing. rapidly says est tu est no, nor, not. Ja? He blinks and says est tö, est tu yet est nyglet? She blinks and laughing says ja est yes. He blinks and say tor grok ja huloom. Then vlor shakes his head and mutters about strangers.

He asks the corpswoman if she can explain the rest to him later. She giggles and says sure. Both the corpswoman and the Sargent Major are laughing as some of the translation is not exactly what both sides think they are saying. Then the corpswoman laughs and walks over to the logs or stones the troops had pulled up to sit one and says Vlor sit here let me teach you the nesencsits of poker otherwise you will likley end up losing your shirt to these apes. The sargent major laughes and I have to see this. One of the troops says really out here in the open? The first shirt blinks and says can it, he is going to have enough trouble understanding us if everything you idiots say is slang. Then he looks at the blushing corpswoman and says are we going to have a problem that needs to be addressed now? She blinks looks and Vlor and says that it is partly her fault as she might be distracted by the new face. He shrugs and says you should know better than anyone else here he has to go through decon and has to take the personal choice test before anyone can try to sleep with him or form any interpersonal relationship. He says his head and says anyone who forgets and crosses that line loses their explorer tag. All the troops cover one of the patches on their arm and say nooo... overly dramatic. One guy asks if anyone has ever lost their explorer tag. He shrugs and says you can spend your spare time back on the ship looking it up. Now we have some cards to play.

Hours later and many rounds of cards later, Vlor says he really does not understand the game. The commander says how can you not understand it, you have won that last ten hands. He says but what is the point of getting the best combination of cards if all we do is shuffled them back into the deck? The first shirt laughs and says normally we play for money but the military frowns on that so we play for working extra duty shifts doing maintence or cleaning. We can't work more than so many as it interferes with our normal duties but on a year long cruise there are plenty of things that happen that no wants to do and some times people really want to do. Like sitting the helm through a jump or checking all the conduct for wear. Vlor blinks and says that made less sense than the card game. The First Shirt says are there things you would not do? Vlor blinks and say oh that made sense but sitting on your head or wearing sparks? The first shirt blinks and says we really do have to treat you as an indig. Vlor looks at the Sargent Major and says doesn't indig mean I live here? She sighs and says it means indidgnous population. It means that you are part of a world that is below the miniumin technology level for entering the Allied Soverige Worlds. Members of those planets once they take a test to prove they can understand our laws and legal system, join not as citizens but as forienge traders or if they can pass the enterance exam forienge military. Anyone can attempt to pass either test but personal are screened before they can enter service to attempt to gain citizenship. Vlor looks at her and she sighs and says citizens are either born to citizens of chartered nations have at least one government with two hundred year old constitution or have passed those nations requirements for citizenship. She said there are many citizens who are born on charter worlds who move to less settled worlds and find themselves without voice in the assembly of allied Soverigne Worlds. The only outposts that are recognited to date are knight orders and churchs that move their chapter house or mother house respectively... One of the quiter troops speaks up and says that is a bigger deal than most people think. My parents patistioned their church to move to a new world because they wanted to have land to train on and the church told them it was too far away from the church. He sighed and said some all the knights had to join the ASWM. Vlor looks at him and says that is... ? Doug laughs and says all this around you is part of the ASWM... then blinks and says well the world is not. The first shirt is laughing as the troop tries to explain the gaff. Vlor finally blinks and says your motley is the Ahswim... Most of the troops are laughing hysterially at that. The sargent major says laugh all you want you goofs you may find the next time you come back here the people here refer to military units as motley's of fools. As which point two of the lower ranks fall backwarks off the log laughing.

Then the commander says pay attention the last thing we need is you goof balls tripping and dropping one of those tanks spraying freezing cold gas on everyone. Everyone carefully moves the equipment back to the dropship. They hook the tanks into the medical air lines and load the two personal tanks the corpswoman set aside for Vlor's ride up to the ship.

After locking Vlor down into the acceration seat, if we forget something it is likely going to kill you on the way up but the tech doc did not even cover the air so up we go. The first sargent goes through and makes sure all the flashing is locked in on the troops and sits down as the commander double checks all of the web belts and flashing. Then the sargent major checks both of their web belts as the pilots run a power check to make sure they get power from one side of the lock down to the other. Then they make a visual check to make sure everyone is buckled in and prepare for a closed suit flight. They run down the flight check list and confirm all the seats have medical air and water, the locks register as closed on their suits and close the hatch and vent the air to tanks.

After verbally confirming go no go they taxi forward over the rough ground using ground effect fans to pnamticly lift them for a fast lift off. Once gaining enough speed they ease the stick back into vertical ascent. As they push the throtlles forward the drop ship accerates to escape vee and lurches as the winds cross draft sways the ship as it puts on more acceration to escape atmo at the vector the pilots need to get to the ship without wasted fuel.

After a few seconds of extreme pressure the pilots annocne over the suit radios congratulations to our new astronaught. Vlor blinks and says no ast? The sargent major speaks over com to com and says Vlor just shut up and enjoy the ride for once. The commander says belay that chatter we in Ship's AOR and their regs apply. Spit and polish people. Spit and polish.

After about twenty minutes of minamal weight the ships begains to match vees with the battle cruiser. The pilots have it up on the main screen and Vlor has no idea what he is seeing it is vast and shiny. The pilots over the ship radios say this is the ASWMS Sea Chaser. They start discribing the beam and brethe of the ship and Vlor coms to the Sargent Major est breathe medical air? She starts laughing and coms the pilots that the picture is doing a much better job than the stats. One of them coms back and asks why. The sargent major coms back and says that breathe and width are more confusing when you think the air you breathe is breathe... The pilot sputters to a stop and says the infomation is avalibe in the ships libarary. The commander goes back through the coms and starts laughing and says people remember be on your best behavior you may be explorers but you are on a ship of the main. The chatter slows to a halt.

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