Chapter Six

so I wrote up two more chapters and still have not gotten around to buying a ups for my computer so I have to rewrite those pages. power failure due to storms lol... not much of big deal but I want to post the update to uniform page which covers the tricorn. This page was mostly enuendos after Vlor taking a set of tests... funny but not that much material. So this page is in a work in progress status until I redo it.

asfab test on a computer then on paper then locker with paper test then jokes about a hogie roll.

So Byórðæįr is sat down at one of the sealed stations in the testing modules. The testing modules are built the explorer med bays because the explorer mission includes both rescue and exploration of new worlds and lost ones.

The computers are tied into the battle crusier main frame and are designed to deal with indiginous popluations that do not speak a word of standard but have a languge that can be codifed into the basic concept for concept translation dictionary.

So as Vlor sits down to the computer it start with a screen that has him write his name. As Byórðæįr sketches his name in runic to the screen, the computer translation matrix flags the symbols as Gothic, and the words on the screen print to confirming that he speaks gothic and asks if the seventh character is in error or proceed with Byórðæįr. Vlor confirms his name is Byórðæįr, and relaxes as the computer starts using Vyrling even if it does call it Gothic. It asks him to confirm his world is called Surfer's Paradise. He confirms it. It asks him if the world government is called tor. He shrugs and types Tor Oyxzem Ryvr. The computer asks for nation states. Vlor blinks and types Vyrling Bastions, Arcadian Holdings, and Society Enclaves and Bastions. The prompt asks for cities. Vlor thinks for a few minutes and types unknown. The computer asks refused or taken? Vlor types refused. A few minutes pass while the program goes through it's branching logic and returns major ports? Vlor is really puzzled port is a wine... he types in wine? The program instantly returns star port, river port, trade hub,... Vlor grins and types in Bastion, Holding, Enclave.
The program humms for a few minutes and returns Bastions, Holdings and Enclaves are cities, trade hubs, ports, or fortress? Vlor grins and types Enclave are trade hubs and Bastions and Holdings are fortress. The computer humms for a few more minutes and returns Arcadian hostile verse Byórðæįr? Society hostile verse Byórðæįr? Vlor blinks and types Byórðæįr est Society et Vyrling Ost Drakker Bastion. Then thinking for a bit types Society est Thrill Seeker Society est yet yel par unknown. The computer flags the question as requiring human over sight and moves to the next set of questions. The computer returns rank, title and honors? This throws Vlor for a loop. Vlor types min noine jeist est Byórðæįr, yelt est shiny bright water divinely falling from the heavens above in a sparkling spray of water that freezes as it falls apon midguard.
The computer starts running a recursive check on the form and a bright red box with a white center flashes up on the screen est Lapplander? Vlor blinks and types est dol palla Surfing Wind and Water. The computer flashes back encoding... Vlor goes to type and the keyboard does not respond so he sits there waiting to see what happens.

After a few minutes it tells him to use the toliet and shower then resume the catologing. Vlor shrugs and mutters weird tech.
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