Chapter Seven

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so most of the crazy stuff takes place on a rough time line but as I write the story it is going to take longer to get to
those parts and I am trying to keep the chapters to what I can write in one day.

later chapters are going to be once Byórðæįr setting up bastion on surfer's paradise using the incoming and out
going ship departures to make better waves for the society and a bastion where they can lauch their own ships
from an island near by. They set the take off area to be forty nautal miles from the islands but still close enough
to enjoy the waves.

from there a call back to service, for reasons I have no figured out.

So I planned chapters and some of ideas are going to take more chapters to get to those points so everything in those ideas are moved to much later chapters and this section gets replaced once I write more tommorow.

later chapters are going to be once Byórðæįr gets to terra/earth then tech school and flight training then something based on halo jump into south america. which might end up really sanatized into more ficational because that was really rough even if we did have the columbians asking us down there.

So I am going to update this chapter then go back and keep writing this may end up much futher in the story.

(Tech school goes here)>>

(Flight school)>>

So Byórðæįr gets to flight school it is an ageing fort tress out in the middle of no where. The interceptors drop to glide mode and
glide to the water to sail the rest of the way into the harbor. As it drops to glide mode the seat rotate out of acceration postion to
face the spine of the craft.

As they aproach the lock the craft bay doors open and the salty air fills the craft with the smell of the ocean. The passenger
seats, flash no helmet safe seat belt required sign. The turbines whine down as the craft settles in the loch as the water drains
to settle the craft agaisnt a wood dry dock. Then the ramp lowers down and the aerocrew walks down to inspect the dock to
make sure they don't have to redock it. They secure the sea anchors to the ring bolts and slap the grounded button. The
seat signs switch from No Helmet Seat belt required to No helmet No seat belt required. The captian comes down from the
command dec and says the sea elevator is on it's way up make sure the ramp is secure before disembarking but welcome
to Pacific Command. Byórðæįr unbuckles his seat belt and gets up so he can strech. Yons turns to him and says first time
on Earth? Byórðæįr looks at him and says naa I have to study interceptor design here a few years ago but they made us
learn to fly these really weird planes there. Yons snickers and says off worlders. They walk over to the ramp with the other
helm trainies as they watch the water pour around the hole that seems to fly away a long distance as elevator rises up to
fit flush to the ramp that is lowered. The Aerocrew lifts the ramps slightly and then lowers to to bolt down to the elevator.

Byórðæįr asks if the ramp stays down all the time. The Aerocrew laughs and says na a storm would soak the seats. The
Interceptor is free floating in the Loch once the stuff is offloaded. One crew has to stay aboard unless we are in the dry
dock futher inland. Then it is parked in a slip much like the loch, with the ramp up and netted down for hurricanes. Then
the water is raised over the wing surface. The dude just shakes his head and says we have to crawl in through the
bay doors to get access to the craft. Then he laughs and says you all going to have to learn how to reach in the intake
and unlock the bay doors in the water. Who ever designed the entry really did not want any issues with the door handles
blowing open but it seems like overkill. He just shakes his head and says everyone off the yatch. Byórðæįr says aren't
we taught never to go near the intakes? The FM04 grins and says yep going near these intakes when they are one is
a very bad idea. But it is the only place that they could but a manual locking mechinsm that can be rotated open when
the turbines are off and locked closed when they have power to them. He walks over and checks to make sure Byórðæįr
is wearing his gloves and offers his hand and says old custom most people don't use it anymore but then again most
people don't ask enough questions. Byórðæįr grins and says call sign Vlor then sighs and says or shiny bright water...
the FM04 laughs and says Firemaster Chuck, nice to meet you Vlor. Interesting name what part of the galaxy are you
from. Vlor grins and says Surfer's Paradise it is way out there. After shaking hands FM04 Chuck says down the ramp
the rest of your class is waiting for you. Vlor starts to run down the ramp, stops shakes his head and joggs down the
ramp to catch up with the wating class of Interceptor Trainies.

They stand on the strikeplate surface and watch as the operator in the booth raises a hand and FM04 Chuck unbolts
and raises the ramp of the interceptor. The operator pushes a lever and the platform smoothly starts lowering into
the facility. They watch the water falling until they are about twenty feet down and an awling slowly rotates over top
of the platform. The platform lowers another twenty feet and stops. The sea plate slides back into place cutting off
the artifical falls. One of the class asks what happens to the water. The operator moves another lever and the platform
slides into what looks like the inside of an elevator. The doors slide into place and the operator pulls another lever
and locks a handle over it. He walks out and says it is almost always better to save your questions until a moving
platform is secured. Then he laughs and says the water is circulated into the base and some is used circulated
back into the loch after being check to make sure the yatchs are not tracking muck on them.

He walks over to the west side of the aclove and pushes the down arrow key. He says follow me and I will get you
to your first breifing. The doors open and the everyone walks into the thirty foot by thirty foot lift. He pulls the bar down
and locks the freight elevator and pushes the bottom marked with a drop of water or rain drop. It slowly desends
serveral levels and then opens into a long hall way lined with glassed in fish tanks.

As the class walks down the halls line with fish tanks they feel like they are walking through an undersea bed
tunnel. The get to a large hall and the Elevator Operator says this water level aterium. To the north is the
rest of the base, to the west are the labs behind us to the east are the main freight elevators, to the south is
the pearl divers club. He looks at us and says the only way to get a key card for that club is dive down this
deep outside. If you see any of the pearl divers on the island they can tell you were to start diving if you
bring them a samich. The class is confused but simply goes with the flow at this point in their training.

He leads them to the north and they walk into a large hall full of kioskis selling various things. He laughs and
says this might be the only place you can just buy stuff but be careful most of them know that too. He shakes
his head saying I forgot boot polish when I was here as an trainie and spent forty dollars on a couple tins of
the good stuff.

He leads them to an Archway that has the Pacif command heraldry above the arch and inside on the walls to
either side are the history of the unit's arms. The knights at the arch way check everyone's IDs. The operator
leads them into units processing center. He walks over and finds the first MTI and says this bunch is yours.
The MTI turns around and laughs says they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel these days.

Then she introducers herself as MTI05 Twilight, but you can address me as Sir or Maam. One of the class
points to the Azure, Night Sky, Gules and Crimson  Aiguillette and says Maam is that not a Knight's Braid?
She grins and says yep it is and while you may be the same faith as me who you get as a MTI is set by

who is the lobby when you all walk in. But you can address us all as Sir, and in the case of woman who does not
mind Maam. If you don't know Sir is always safe to use. If you see a four colored braid it is safe to use Sir Knight
but some of them, might not realize your talking to them.

She says this way. Leading them into the video room, she says don't fall asleep. There is two hour long very dry
and boring public safety type video about the base.  From there she leads them to the hospital inprocessing where
they are given a new flight physical incase they are not who their ID says they are and to make sure that all their
biometrics are accurate in the training files.

As the class walks out of medical rubbing their sore arms they slowly gather in training flight suits and fuzzy
slippers their clothes in a flight duffle. The MTI says try to relax on the couches and watch what ever you like
on the screens but don't try to look anything up on them. When everyone that passes the physical is here,
I will lead you to the trainie section of the barracks it looks like you all are in the 82nd. She shakes her head
well I hope you can sail with the best of them those are a bunch of screwballs but razor sharp and glassy.

The class chats a while as people are wander out of the flight physical. Finally someone walks out with
an envelope in hand and hands it to the MTI. She takes it with spotless argent gloves, and opens it grining.
Looks like most of you passed this group is part of class Thirty Seven Alpha. She shakes her head and
says you really are going to have to live up to that. She leads them to the barracks area and says normally
the barracks are mostly above ground but since you are an interceptor class your rooms all face out into
the sea so if that freaks you out we know before you are out in space miles from home and have a panic

The MTI leads down a cooridor and says facing the end of the hall the ones on the left are open. She says
anyone who wants to lunder their flight suit before storing it, can continue down the hall to the laundry
CQ. They will give you a ticket for your clothing make sure to write your room number down. Vlor finds
himself almost at the end of the hall brackete by two women who are chatting in some languge he does
not speak but they open the doors on either side of the one he is looking at so he walks inside. He puts
the medical paper copy down on the desk then looking at his duffel with the flight suit, he digs through
the pockets so that it is empty when he hands it in. With the empty flight suit he thinks back to the days
he wore it while at technical school he turns around and walks back outside the room and looks at
number thirty seven, and walks down the hall to the laundry noticing most of the class standing around
waiting to get their flights turned over to the laundry CQ. The guy at the desk is blushing as he has
to go through his flight suit pockets.

Eventully Vlor gets to the head of the line and laughs and says he already went through his pockets. The
lady at the desk says drape it over the hangers and put the hanger on the rack beside me. He drapes
the flight suit over the hanger and hands him a ticket, she says the laundry will put a notice in the box
on your door when your clothes are ready to be picked up, are there any safety instuctions or chemical
allergies. He says here is the medical card the inprocessing center gave me. She scans it and sighs
another idiot. She puts green and silver tag on the hangers. She just shakes her head and says kids
these days.

He goes back to his room and stands outside wondering what is next. About twenty minutes later the
MTI says every who wants to launder their clothing done so? Most of the class is milling around
says yes. She grins and says stand by your room with the door open anything that is a not ship
shape is pushups or running laps. As Vlor stands by his room the MTI looks in and says fifty pushups
pull out the board from the wall and start pumping them out remember to leave the slippers on the
ground. Vlor does that as he hears other members of the class getting pushups or running laps.
Then as he gets done and walks back outside he notices a couple doors that seem to have been
skipped. The MTI gets to the end and walks back to the closed door and tapes a bright red demerit
tape to the door and hangs a fifty pushup and fifty laps on the closed doors. She grins as a couple
other MTI stand outside the doors. She looks at the rest and says we do not tolerate dirty clothing
unless doing field work. You will have to polish your open boots or break in a pair of patent leather
which have to be cleaned regularly but we provide an industrial laundry so you all can focus on
your training. Today you get to eat then relax in the squadron club or up on the surface their is
a natural grass field. Just remember you have only been issued flight suits and slippers. The beach
is out through the base you can visit that after you have been measured and issued your phase one
training uniforms.

The fisherman's shorts are worn with the bathing suits, for various reasons and what ever your rank
was before while you are a cadet you are a cadet. Some of you have honorary ranks those are
still there but you are a cadet first to learn how to helm an interceptor. If you are a knight you are
expected to live up the bar you set even if you are only a cadet for phase one training.

She sighs as she realizes that she has non locals in the class of trainies, she looks at them and
says if you are not from earth read up on the regualtions before wandering off the base.

Phase two starts when you meet the criteria, some of you will not make it but if you start with
the idea you might not make it, you will likely fail before you try.

So I sketches out a basic concept of building up an atol into a sea base but it still needs a lot of work to be
a sound idea so for now realize it is just concept to figure out what it might look like but that atol
in the center is too small and the reefs have to be build up from below so might be harder to get the
distance needed. I have big sea water lochs and smaller ones, as well as marinia for sail boats for
learning to sail a yatch. The coral area is to train deep water diving to build up muscle and body
toning. The concept is that their is deep water reef which have holes in them as fish swim into the reefs
and into the coral. The surf beach is to personel to learn to move with the wave instead of expecting
it to move where you want it to go. Then learn how to go where you want using the waves. The under
water part of the base looks out into the ocean protected behind inner and outer sea walls so that if
something is moving due to a hurricane or other current driven thing it log jams against the sea walls.
The Buoys are for aerofoils and airfoils landing, then sailing to their sea loch. Considering the design I
built is over a hundred feet wide the lochs have to be wider.