Chapter Four

As the ship approches the landing bay the hanger door receeds into the ships frame then slides apart to reveal the magnet field. The drop ship momentryly accerates into the field scraping off space dust as the field disrupts particles and dust. The ships vents heavy water vapor over the ship and out into space clearing the landing bay. The pilots ready to the com that the ship is down and locking panels are in place. Fluide is emptied into the landing bay and all the hard water and cosmic dust is drained into the filter system. Mecial air is vented into the bay and the air on board is vented until the bay's pressure equilizes. A MOP suit team of maintence personeal check for rads levels and damage to the landing bay or ship. They confirm the landing gear is secured and wave their batons to signal ok to the drop ship to equlized pressure to the ship bay.

As they bring up the air pressure they lower the ramp and wait for the MOP suit team to check out the interior of the drop ship before clearing their personal for cracking their visors. Once cleared they crack their visors and the slight difference between their tanks regulators and the ships barometer air pressure and the ship's bay air pressure. They sigh in relief. The commander says up and out. Chow is waiting. Vlor hang back with the Sargent Major and Corpswoman they have to escort you to medical. One of the pilots walking down the stairs to the troop compartment says I will help carry one of the tanks. I want to see this alien. The sargent major rolls her eyes and says he is an indig not an alien... caustic genome likely. One of the MOP says oh wait if you had contact with a native you have to go into medical isolation for one week that is what the regulation calls for we can have chow brought here and a medical suite setup in the bay but no contact with the air systems until you medical quarantine. He sighs and looks around it is going to be a long week did someone at least bring cards.

The corps woman said ah we have to get Vlor to medical because he is too close to heavy worlder. The MOP team blinks and says ask the Senior MD in medical. The corpswoman coms over to the medical section of the ship and starts to explain the situation, and the Doc stops here in mid phrase and says we already planned for that when we got the rescue sitrep. They is a cleared cooridor to walk the personal down to medical bay four, five and six. The indig starts in medical bay four and ship personal in bay five. Vlor is looking at them as the slang and technical terms start flying over his head. The sargent major sighs and says did you prep the bay for languge? The doctors jaw drops open and says you have a alien transfer onboard? The sargent Major gives the doctor that look and says you got the transfer info for the indig, but the ASWM has not been here before. He is clearly gothic and likely caustic genome but speaking to him can be trying at times. The doctor blinks and says I have to send one of the LT MD's down there. Hummm who is up for rotation. He looks around and says Nichol you have to rotate back to terra next month right? She sighs and says yes commander I have leave coming up. He grins and says that means you are short, she starts laughing and says you know you are not supposed to put someone at risk because they are about to be replaced. He laughs and says the odds are you survive are better than fifty percent. Plus you use the gym more than most and the air pressure at first has to be... as he looks down at the numbers and starts laughing... just enough to be a work out just walking around. She perks up and says you mean their is legal reason to run the air high oxy and higher gravity? He sighs and mutters woman... he says yes we have an indig who is just slightly outside of earth normal and needs to have enough air pressure and oxy to not have muslce and bone degeneration. She says on my... then stops and says I have to transfer everything down there don't I? He says yep you have to go through detox and then move ... then he stops and starts laughing and says pick one of the corpswomen to move your stuff down there we need a base line within an hour of boarding not tommorow when you are done moving stuff. You simply have to detox and suit up until you can figure the rest out. Remember no air to air contact for one month for med bay four. Two weeks for med bay five, and one for med bay six. The LT Doctor sighs and says on my way down. She looks around and says TSGT Smith move my stuff and your stuff into the doctors quarters of med bay four. Thankfully we have our own bedrooms. TSGT Smith sighs and says yes Doctor. Then brightens and says there are no corpals quarters in medical bay four are there. MDO4 Aeiris says yes you are on hand to deal with medical emergencies and no it does not mean you get more sim time you still have to log into with your own account.

TSGT Smith sighs and says yes doctor right way... the words trail off as she mutters. MDO4 Nichol Aeris sighs to herself thinking that she picked the most competent techcial sargent but she is such a child sometimes... She heads down to the detox room to suit up thinking that half her clothes are likely to get burned by the cleaning solution used to make sure no pathogens transfer until they know what is safe and what is not. She strips down and showers off any sweat she might have then wipes the pads on and showers in alcohal rinse, then the floride rinse, then soaps up wishing she could enjoy feeling really clean for once in months on the ship but sighs and gets clean and suits up in her space suit. Laughing to herself that she has to suit up for an medical emergency on the ship not in space. Walking from detox to detox room outside the lift to medical bay four. She is humming to her self as the high presure gas spays the exterior of her suit clean of any paticulates or bacteria.

Down in the medical bay are four suited personell with medical air tanks carried between them. They are all still sealed up. She sighs and says which of you is the indig? One of the taps the head of the person next to her and coms the medical to ask that they get the doctor to turn her com on. MDO4 Aeris sighs and turns her com to an open frequnecy and says better. The Sargent Major says use ship com blue to authenticate to the encyrpted channels. MDO4 Aeris sighs and starts loading the various suit protocals nessacary to talk to combat personal over secured coms. She points to the pressure chamber to the side and has them all walk into it. They walk into it and she vents the atmo into a containment tank. Then she coms them to slowly vent pressure into the chamber until the gauge on the wall is the same millebars as the one on... she pauses as she coms what their names are. The corpswoman says TSGT Karen Hall, The Sargent Major says Sargent Major Michelle Brambles, The air crew in flight suit grins and says Warrent Hellen Hall, and they all look at Vlor who says uh which name do you want? The doctor says the one you were born to. Vlor grins and says,
min noine jeist est Byórðæįr, yelt est shiny bright water divinely falling from the heavens above in a sparkling spray of water that freezes as it falls apon midguard. MDO4 Aeris blinks and says your a viking? Vlor laughs and says yelt nein. She blinks and says do any of you speak that? The Sargent Major sighs and says why do you think I have to follow him around? MDO4 Aeris sighs and says this is going to be interesting. Then she looks at the helmet and starts freaking out that the pressure is too high. The Sargent Major leans over and sees the helmet is still at 1200 millebars. She taps the Doctor's helmet then points to the lines that are not changed. MDO4 Aeris blinks as she realizes the helmet is at 1200 millebars because that is what the air was done on surfer's paradise. She sighs and looks at the wall which is still in the green and says I don't know how to change that to set 1200 millebars to be nominal. The tech we have is stuck moving our stuff down here since we all stuck here for a month. There is silence as it sinks in that they are stuck in the pressure chamber until the tech brings all the stuff through detox. Then the corpswoman says so how are we going to get a baseline if we can not leave... ? MDO4 Aeris says once the room is at 1200 millebars we have to equalized to 1200 millebars. My clothes have to go through detox but we have to run a couple simply tests in here then match the pressure in the rooms outside to this room. Then she sighs and says I feel sorry for the tech she is going to have to wash everything in a suit then carry into the carry over suites then go through... then she blinks and says actually we have to go through this again when she needs to unsuit.

The pilot blinks and says unsuit? MDO4 sighs and says we have to equalize to a pressure that does not cause harm. The pilot and corpswoman look at each other and sigh saying it had to happen sooner or later...
MDO4 Aeris is puzzled, saying what am I missing. They look at each other and say the same thing. Then giggle.

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