Chapter Five

Finally the air pressure from the air venting into the chamber brings it up to just under 1200 millebars. The doctor sighs and asks what everyone suits are registering inside.

TSGT Hall sounds off 1100 millebars. SM Brambles, says 1200 millebars. Warrent Hall, laughs and says 1100 millebars. Vlor says 1200 millebars. MDO4 sighs and says crack up open your visors if you are at 1200 millebars. If you are at 1100 take an hour to bring your suit up to 1200 then crack open your visor. She sighs and says I have two hours to wait. Vlor and SM Brambles crack open their visor and MDO4 Aeris says for the time being you need to keep standing. lean up against a wall if you have to.

After an hour Warrent Hall grins and cracks open her visor, as she does it TSGT Hall notices she is at 1200 millebars and cracks open her visors. They stand around chatting as Vlor has no idea what the point of shoes and other things they are dicusing but tell him to just deal with it. Finally MDO4 Aeris opens her visor and says now for the fun part. vent more atmo from the tanks into the room to bring it up another twenty millebars to be safe. They look at her and say what? She sighs and says it prevents the bends. The look puzzled but vent more of the gas in the tanks into the room. when the guage says 1220, and everyone is holding their heads except vlor who says it feels like just before a bad lighting storm. MDO4 Aeris says now for the part to get over quickly, sighing. She strips off her suit and says someone hold me feet up while I do a hand stand. TSGT Hall starts to walk over and the MDO4 Aeris says suit off first. She says while do we need to do that this is all nonsense. The MDO4 sighs and says you need to be able to survive for a month at two hundred plus atmo over normal. That is like a hundred feet underwater. She blinks and says you can swim that deep but oh. She sighs and removes her suit looking at the rest saying what are you waiting for? They blink and sigh. Then TSGT Hall asks so what is the hand stand for. MDO4 says to prevent any bubbles in blood from exploding. As which point they are slightly distracted but all complete hand stands.

Then the MDO4 Aeris picks up her helmet to com to see if the tech is able to bring the rest of the suite up to 1200 millebars. TSGT Smith says all the stuff is down and clean but the suite is in lock down what happened? MDO4 sighs and says the indig is from a larger world with 1200 millebars nominal. The tech starts giggling and says so your all stuff neked in the tank? MDO4 says yes but I really don't want that in the report find some other way to write it down... TSGT giggles and says yes maam. So you need the rest of the suite up to pressure? MDO4 says yes but it has to be filtered air then we have stand in the chamber with you until you are at 1200 safe. So you need to have clear boards at clean room levels and wash your suit down then make sure you have enough air to go from what ever millebar you are at to 1200 millebars. The tech blinks and says I have to join you in there? The MDO4 says yes now are going to find a better way to write it down? She says I need to check if that is an illegal order. MDO4 sighs and says I can't order you to because the room is really too small and the air is too close, but you just washed my underware can you at least decide if need to find another female tech. We are stuck in here until a tech runs the equipment. TSGT Smith blinks and says maybe. Let me talk to the Senior Doc. MDO4 says suit coms only at this point unless you need someone willing to stay in their suit for a month. TSGT Smith says keep your panites on I... oh, never mind that, back soon...

An hour later Medical coms down to MDO4 asking for the Sargent Major. SM Brambles sighs and says I have a suit helmet down here. The senior doctor says I have to com the MDO4 to confirm your still rational. Ah so I can send the tech down there but you have to sign off on orders that none of you were forced into quarters over this. They look at each other and sigh and say none of us thought it through. We take our suits off in detox changing rooms. Maj Com can figure out what should have happened in this situation but we had to see each other faces and be able to control the air pressure if someone passed out. He says oh so no one realized that they had, then he starts laughing normally it is used to bring the person down to 1000 millebars... so you would have changed into a bathing suit. He says humm I will just write it up at personel did not bother to wear underware, which result in, hummm what to call that. humm equipment not functioning as intended. Well I am sending the tech down now. Have fun... dead silence over the com and then he goes oh that sounded bad well cheer up... he blinks and says I am just going to delete this com log.

TSGT Smith brings up the pressure in medical bay four and walks through the detox sprayer and coms preparing to open the pressure chamber door. The MDO4 sighs and says so it is at 1220 in here so the suits are going to fly throught the door but not likely us as well. TSGT says way it is at 1220? MDO4 Aeris says we have person in here whos nominal air pressure is 1220 when the air blows up it needs to be at least 1200 so we can get norminal reading off 1200. TSGT Smith sighs and says fine what ever, opening door. The red vent button right? MDO4 laughs and says blue lever, Sargent. TSGT Smith pulls the lever and the wind blows out into the room not having as much force as they were worried about. TSGT sighs and walks in and so what do I have to do. MDO4 laughs and says if you want to walk around with out a suit on you have to bring up your suit pressure one hundred millebars an hour at a time to 1200. She blinks and says so set my suit like it is countering pressure? SM Brambles sighs and says no you need it to be as if you were living on surfer's paradise. She leans over and says this gauge to 1100. Then she walks over and cycles the door shut. After she shuts it she notices the gauge is nomial green for 1170 to 1240. She blinks and says the
gauge is wired into the suite guages. After two hours TSGT cracks open her visor and says so this is all we need to do? The women laugh and say well your suit is designed to prevent air to your pores or out of your pores so you need to have the air pressure in here effecting your whole body then stand on your hands to get any bubbles in your body moving around instead of exploding when the pressure changes too fast. She strips off the suit and tries to do a cart wheel in a room with large medical air tanks and several other people. The MDO4 is blushing as they raise the pressure up to 1220 and then cycle open the door. They all blush as they walk out of the pressure chamber. Warrent Hall says at some point we need to paint no cartwheels in there... SM Brambles sighs, and the MDO4 says you can't use paint in there. Tell me there are clean clothes and shower in here. Sweating in there for hours is... as they trail off. The tech grins and says all the doctors quarters are set up for us and we don't have to share quarters... the she blinks shakes her head and realizes why the doctor was acting so odd. Warrent Hall says a hot shower I think.

They all get hot showers and a couple hours of sleep. A few hours turns into all night and the moring over tea as the seltze was not premitted in the medical bay due to pressure changes. Looking at each other they turn to the LT Doc and ask her what the base line is that they needed yesterday. She sighs and says they need to know vitals which she monitored with her suit while they were in suits and out of them. She said normally you would have someone in a suit going into a lower pressure bell chamber to monitor people but the barometric pressure in here is higher than nominal. So she went around measuring tempature and taking blood sample as the tech followed along taking a second reading to independanly measure. Vlor asked why it had to be his finger and the Sargent Major said how do you think I felt? He quits down and avoids asking questions he is not sure he understands the answer to.

They have him start on the languge sims to be able to take the tests, that in hindsight they needed to adminster on the surface.

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