Banshee Model One ID Numbering

Others as I get the info

So tail ID numbers are a sore subject with most companies. The best way to use them as production lines
that are series of aerofoil, aerocraft, airframe, glider, seaplane, etc...

I have a couple registered and the X versions are the prototype versions until a production model can
be signed off on. One of the things that came up back in 1997 is that Air Force One is always the
first production model off the line. The best way to protect that traditision is to have a production line
just for Air Force One.

So the N number registered by the office of the president is always one of N>>>>() series what ever
N number that ends up being. So Air Force One would be N for n number then four numbers and a
letter followed by L for glider and X for prototype. Which in Air Force One it is supposed to be a
production model unless the US Armed Forces what to assemble it on their own production line.

So the Tail number would then be N>>>>() ASYI-37A001 or N>>>>() ASYI-38()001 where the () represent
a capital letter and the > represent an number. This way the N-Number header represents who owns the
air craft and the series represents which production line the air craft came off of. The trailing numbers
represents the number off the line. This does mean that the Office of the President then has to be assigned
up to four N-Numbers depending on how the FAA decides that. The numbers are usually based on you pick
certain elements and hope they have ones like that avalible. Normally the assembler sequence is not placed
on military air craft but with some serving dual purposes likely they will end up on both military and civilian
air craft. I used the pattern to the right to symbolize the United States of America's Flag which is it was
assembled on the leading edge of the tail fin would have to go up at the top of the page.

In this image is my companies prototype for the Aerofoil N-9073X YF-37A011, that was payed for in 1997,
by congress but the USAF paid for the design. I get the money this month but they paid for it as milspec.
So currently it is still YF design and the first off who ever is making Air Force One production line would
be the first ASYI-37A or ASYI-38(). That second one being the Letter assigned by the FAA for what letter
company gets for assembling Aerospce Yacth Interceptors or Aerospace Interceptors. I have no idea if
it is going to be first completed in that order if you simply request the letter and if it is avalibe for a actual
working variaint design. The Air Combat Command is because that is who I was working for at the time.
That may end up Hawai'i Air Nation Guard or Air Reserves. Depends on where the SecDef ends up placing
me. My home is in Hawai'i which is one of the reasons I listed JBPHH which in the unified base since
as Special Operations Command I usually end up at a unified base, and the odds are NASA and the US
Armed Forces are going to be testing these out of south pacif so we can get hundreds of miles from land
before igniting the plume on the new Aerofoils. Water may act like concrete but the waves go a long ways
as bigger waves. The blue circle is not as big as the whole tail fin but it is still four feet in diameter. The
Assembler Logo in my case is just under two feet square and in theory could be two feet across. This
way when there is question about the variation you simply can pull the records of the air craft assembled
by that company or corp.

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This was my F-16 Block 52 I flew and the load crew is pictured below. The joke is Major General Sai Vitchia is picture above and Airman Solheim below... as above so below... I have no idea where the gas mask inserts
for the flight helmet went. Likely with the craft, which was exposed to a
dangerous substance if you want to know about ask the US Armed Forces.
This Tail ID should work until the FAA changes the rules again. Below is a concept of what Air Force One
Tail ID Plate might look like. I though about the Assembler Name and figured that it would need it's own
production line so the N number is going to be what ever is worked out by that office but in place of the
company that assembles simply write Air Force One and the Logo could or could not be redacted. The
President's Honor guard would be the most likely command that the Aerocraft or Aerofoil would belong to.
The company flying it would be the seal of the oval office which has a crest on top of the navy blue area
I left off for reasons of not confusing a concept with a final design. Normally there would a series of one
thousand but since Air Force One has to be the first off the production line it makes it easy to make it a
huge zero one. On the top is a 37A version that would be assembled by Aeromancy and below is a 38()
that would be assembled by some other company. The N>>>>() represents a Tail ID number that I could
look up but figured it is better represent the number and possible letter with spacers. The ASYI might end
up ASI. The home base I used here was based on the ico for washington DC, there are couple other bases
in the area to chose from.