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      Argent white or silver in color. Off White fabric bleeched white as snow, Argent, Silver, Aircraft Aluminium, Platinium, Iridium.
      Azure is the closest dye that can reproduce the shade of H99SE6L8D in high speed velvet rayon.
         Azure waves of grain. refers to rayon dyed with cobalt the cobalt metal is extroplated to wood fibers.
      Gules is the color of human blood. It was made at one point by bleeding on bauxit (baking power).
      Arum is gold or yellow in color the cloest dye can reproduce H24 SF7 L85 in fabric. In metal the color of Newly shinned Brass or
      Electrum is gold electroplated to silver with mercury.
      Navy Blue the darkest shade of color still able to be defined as blue.
      Night Gules the darkest shade of color still able to be defined as gules.
      Night Sky the darkest shade of color still able to be defined as green mixing blue and yellow solar light.
      Vert is the color of pine needles.
      Purple is the color from conch shells.
      Orange is the color of rust.
      There are other colors defined in healdary. Most of the shiny colors are metals electroplated to high speed rayon.

So currently Knights can wear a Dress shirt with a collar, with a field that comes form their arms in place of the Class A shirt in service colors.

This section is for notes

So the fun thing I got to do was simply apply one point that was approved a long time but was not used due to the bicentennial and likely forgetting about.

Knights wear approved to wear their ordis and order's fields from their arms on their Class A uniform shirts. They still have to avoid graphic logos and
obscene material. So my field of rayonne got approved as a uniform of the day for members who have rayonny on their arms likely the marines got to
wear a bdu top with the sleeves rolled with their Class A's, the digicam being an approved field. They just have to remember pass the Bar Exam and
sign up and pay the fees. The second part is sorta required sorta not. The knight status has to be approved by congress in the USA in other countries
different offices handle it.

Anyway so when you go between services in the US Armed Forces you often have to bounce down then back up as military needs must dictates. Like going from the US Marines to the USAF you end up a Senior Airman, then going through OTS you graduate back to to what ever rank your minimum standing dictates. I have a paper that says chaplain that is a captain but doc brodsten said the lowest I could be was a major but that might have been a joke about Major General. He was the flight doc for the 305 Aerospace medicine and I was his commander. I was reporting to the 305 Medical Group commanded by a Lt Col Robert Love. Which was from when the department of defense decided I was special forces and brevetting up to Major General to recognize my rank as foriegne Knight Commander. Which is why my honorary rank was Major General in the USA and well the rest of world simply does not have a difference between rank and honorary rank. Melvin was the only general in Sweden at the time so two stars or four what ever was considered equal. When he moved to the United States to marry Priscilla Presley {Bramble Patch's mum} he did what is called transferring the flag. So the USA got a Four Star General without having to pay for his training. But the Prime Minister Teresa has to figure out what my rank in the British Army is, or at least that is what Queen Elizabeth the second said. Basically going from Green to Blue is when you go down to Senior Airman, and in my case I went all the way down to airman basic to complete US Marine, USAF and US Army Basic at the same time. It was funny they kept forgetting what week were at.
I had Gunny Sargent who took the hit to be a USAF TI as a Senior Airman because of the jokes about Charlie Bass being reincarnated. I had US Army DI who was asked if a Technical Sargent out ranked a Sargent and USAF TI said it ranked on Sargent and he said that was good enough. Then I ended up an MTI in technical school for pointing out the difference between soldering and welding.

Peerage verse Nobility
Lords and Ladies good through the House of Lords Appointments Commission in their country. Basically the House of Lords (Ladies) has the power to make someone do the job no matter what they want. One of them tried marring a forigner only to end married to that person and still having to do the job anyway. Lord is actual peerage, Ambassadors and members of the House of Lords (Ladies)
Crown Commanders are Nobles working in the field as Knight Commanders
that are royals. In the USA the house is either the state (senate) or district/county (house of representatives)
In England royals are nobles, you are born that way or marry a royal, or your line is elevated to noble. The house of commons are breveeted to noble like in the united states.
In the United States Citizens are brevetted to royals as members of congress. Unless an impeachment finds you guilty you retire a Lord, Lady or
Ennuch, but your children still have to gain their own standing.
In Japan I still have to get back there and ask them since they used my United Kingdom Standing not my American standing. I still think Constitution is the Emperor and legislative is the crown (members are nobles)

Ordis are first, then by orders by date the first rank was bestowed.
titles go after like certified baronial estate or certified royal estate.

Ordis Sancti Draconis (Original Founding Before the Holy Crusades)
(CCÐ) - Crown Commander  = Crown Commander Actual of the Ordis of the Sanctified Drakken
(LCÐ) - Lord Commander   = Lord or Lady Commander Actual of the Ordis of the Sanctified Drakken
(KCÐ) - Knight Commander = Knight Commander Actual of the Ordis of the Sanctified Drakken
(DCÐ) - Knight Commander = Dame Commander Actual of the Ordis of the Sanctified Drakken
(CKE) - Knight Actual    = Certified Knight Executive = Sir of the Ordis of the Sanctified Drakken
(DKE) - Dame Actual      = Certified Dame Executive (order of when first was granted) = Dame of the Ordis of the Sanctified Drakken
(CPE) - Officer          = Certified Practicing Executive^
^requires state bar membership and honorable military service^
(ESQ) - Squire           = Certified Practicing Bar Membership
(---) - Solider          = (-military rank-)
Nominator: Given at Vatican City own choice.
Motto: Through Fire and Horror, I stride with honor. Ask Vatican City if the motto changed they are retranslating all the old books.

In the United Kingdom I am a CCÐ and am going to get stuck with a detail again the moment I am on United Kingdom soil again.
In the United States of America, unless the Hawaiians make me a Senator or House of Hawai'i representative I am a LCÐ for
being a Lord by birth (United Kingdom) and a Major General by congress as per 1993. If they do I have to use CCÐ instead.
We do not have companions you have to pass the Bar yourself and if you pass the bar you are an Esquire or Squire or country Squire,
if you serve military service honorably for at least two years and have an honorable discharge you use your highest held rank,
you have to get a college degree to use CPE.-rank- as the college awards that.
if you have both honorable military service and the bar exam, you are a knight actual in your own name, but it is better to have a
college notate the CPE with a degree.
Royal Victorian Order as per Queen Elizabeth II at Royal Air Force Bentwaters or RAF Bentwaters. It is why Prince Charles got to fly his fighter jet.
*Quick note I chose not to end the abv with SD but if the other Ordis and Orders want to standardize the abv I would have to use SD as
CCÐSD, ()CÐOSÐ or LCDSD. CPE and ESQ in the united states of america are military ranks. I simply added Knight and Dame actual.
**I forgot a couple good thing there is office over there to ask.

The Most Noble Order of the Garter (Founding 1348 Current Calendar)
(KG) - Knight = Sir Knight of the Order of the Thistle
(DG) - Dame  = Lady Knight of the Order of the Thistle
membership remains limited by its statutes to the Sovereign, the Prince of Wales and 24 members - though members of the Royal Family and foreigners
admitted into the order are admitted as supernumerary members and don’t count towards the 24.
Nominator: Given at The Queen’s own pleasure
Motto: ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense’ (“shame on him who thinks evil of it”)

The Most Ancient and Noble Order of the Thistle (Founding 1687 Current Calendar)
(KT) - Knight = Sir Knight of the Order of the Thistle
(LT) - Dame  = Lady Knight of the Order of the Thistle
Nominator: Given at The Queen’s own pleasure
Motto: ‘Nemo me impune lacessit’ (“no one provoked me with impunity”)
The order is limited to the Sovereign, 16 ordinary knights and ladies and an unlimited number of extra knights and ladies (such as foreigners and members of the Royal Family) and appointments to the Order are made on St Andrew’s Day most years (30th November) and an investiture takes place the following year during The Queen’s annual Holyrood week.

The Order of the Bath (Founding 1725 Current Calendar)
(GCB) - Knight or Dame Grand Cross
(LCB) - Lord or Lady Commander (so they have equal standing)
(KCB) - Knight Commander
(DCB) - Dame Commander (they never had one)
(CB)  - Companion (spouse, only 65 people, at any one time, may wear it)
Nominator: Given on advice of the Government
Motto: Tria Iuncta in Uno (Civil - “Three joined into one”)/Ich Dien (Military - “I serve”)

Order of St Michael and St George (Founding 1818 Current Calendar)
(GCMG) - Knight Grand Cross
(LCMG) - Lord or Lady Commander
(KCMG) - Knight Commander
(DCMG) - Dame Commander (order granted)
(CMG)  - Companion (spouse, only 65 people, at any one time, may wear it)
Nominator: Given on advice of the Government
Motto: Tria Iuncta in Uno (Civil - “Three joined into one”)/Ich Dien (Military - “I serve”)

Royal Victorian Order (Founding 1896 Current Calendar)
(GCVO) - Lord, Lady, Knight or Dame Grand Cross
(LCVO) - Lord or Lady Commander
(KCVO) - Knight Commander
(DCVO) - Dame Commander
(CVO)  - Commander
(LVO)  - Lieutenant
(MVO)  - Member
Nominator: Given at The Queen’s own pleasure
Motto: Victoria

Royal Victorian Medal

Royal Red Cross (Founding 1883 Current Calendar)
(RRC)  - Members
(ARRC) - Associates

Orders of the British Empire (Founding 1914 Current Calendar)
(GBE) - Lord, Lady, Knight or Dame Grand Cross Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
(LBE) - Lord or Lady Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
(KBE) - Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
(DBE) - Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
(CBE) - Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
(OBE) - Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
(MBE) - Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

British Empire Medal (Founding 1917 Current Calendar)
exiting titles, not knights.

Queen's Police Medal (No idea when founded)
exiting titles, not knights.

Queen's Fire Service Medal (No idea when founded)
exiting titles, not knights.
minor note the generation has to be  hand edited to fix some of the indents and lack of control over id names and labels of the site but I wanted to get the information down an presentable before I start tweaking the code because all of those tweaks have to be made after the code is generated on the fly as I type.
The United State Marines Corp are almost everything a knight order is. They have to be catholic who hold ethics and honor and duty to God and Country above duty to self. They have to be catholic but only a recognized religion is nessacary that had stood the test of time to part an order. They are missing having to take the bar exam like every other essquire when they visit a new state. I know there are catholic knights who wear a royal and white box braid.
But most US Marines wear a royal blue braid on the left should to show duty to country. The priests wear a box braid of white on the right should to show
duty to God. I finally figured out the baid I was issued in techinal school when the USAF found out about the Monsignor thing was US Marine braid authoized
on my uniform, then they found out about the Knight thing as well.

So working off the old roman army stucture of the nine hundred tough legionaires as a vanguard that rode at the stirups of knights know as Eo or Eques, the Marines could use the concept to in the new structure set up the US Marines as a US Knight order, this gives them a structure inside the unified command with a little flexiblity. They would report to the US Armed Forces like they do to the Department of the Navy. They could still run basic for everyone. Then they take the toughest nine hundred of them and those are embassy guards including the office of the president's guard. They are not targets but defenders.

This way they keep the braid for completing marine infantry school, and if they complete reglious training can chose to wear the blue and white of a Catholic Knight or the plain blue of a Mairne. The point is the tradition is infantry first, but use a calavry saber thus dragoons. Training would require basic, advanced weapons training to includ some kind of sword including traing with a k-bar, and ethics and law courses to prepare them to pass the local state bar exam. The duty is one the left shoulder and the faith on the right shoulder.

They would need to unifry the bases with the rest of the service, one bed and one bath per troop. The first shirt in the first bedroom on the first floor. Officer floors and enlisted floor seperate so that comments can be made when people are needing to feel safe. The troops would fill the lower floors until all the troops were accounted for. One bases that family sections there would have to be officers without children living on the top floor of the barracks, but the other  troops would have an attrum style home per four married troops, built by the army corp of engineers, and would have to maintain an armory and range that doubles as a sally or dojo. They have to test for technical officer every year if they are not on another officer track.

Marines retired as dragoons are stuck as ready reseve, and have to train with firearm and sword at least a thousand rounds a month that score to sixty points. One point hits the target, plus two for the outer ring (3 points), plus three for the red circle or sub moa (five points). Tweleve submoa rounds is sixty points.

The aeroframes and airframes would have to be issued by the Armed Forces but could be maintained by the units.
Ordis Sancti Draconis is currently the highest standing ordis and order. We are the only crusader order left. There are other orders
founded by saints, but most of them happened more recently. So the holy crusades happened just a wee bit longer ago than most
people thought. Looking at the countries that were in existance at the time it would have been about thirty thousand some odd years ago,
and that was following Iesus or his way, so AD but there is a lot of history that happened between then and the world recovering
from the dark ages that followed the fall of the roman empire. The Papal Office had the books of the crusaders that were not broken orders. This
is constitutional issue. If part of the unifed armed forces there has to means to deal with the fact the One Apostila Holy Roman Catholic Church, appoints
the head of the ordis. It is standing army and only congress is allowed to raise standing armies but the sitting congress in july of 1993 in the year of our lord,
chose to approve it as a forigen Ordis, while the One Apostila Holy Roman Catholic Church, saw it as being reconsacrated as United States Ordis
despite it's founding a long time ago as One Apostila Holy Roman Catholic Church Order based out of Vatican City, Rome. So currently it is an
honorary Ordis, that has to have it knights go through their home countries Armed Forces which at this point only impacts the USA, to confirm that
they are of good moral standing and basic ablity as soliders. The United States Department of Defense recognized it's ability to raise generals.
So likely any units under it's colors likely have to also be assigned to local military command. Note the vatican, the united kingdom and the
united states of america have to agree on this ordis colors, I have too many oaths at this point for this to be simply but as a principle heir my
colors in england are controlled by the queen, in the united states of america the ordis sancti draconis has to work from argent and azure the
traditional colors of the Ordis it was reconscrated from. The Order never closed it doors only had all the members die off. Until John Paul the Second
decided I needed more standing for my girl friends mum. He wanted England to mend fences and was willing to conceed that two hundred years of a
self correcting monarchy could be God's mandate.

There are a couple child orders but even Pope John Paul the second said he wished I had chosen a different one. I asked why he even handed that
book among the others and he said he simply handed me the all the books of the archived orders and let the hand of God guild me.

Vlad tempes order was a child order to the orignal order, and they all died off so it was kinda of what could he do to give me a better chance at
surving to twenty four. He sent me down into the catocombs to find the stuff buried down there. When I came back up he grinned and told me it
was not going to the Order of Dragon Knights but the Ordis of the Sanctifed Draconis. He pointed to the Fire breathing Dragon with two heads and
said it was a waste not to have a use for rayonny.
The knights of columbus are missing the military service componet. Meaning every US Marine serves miliatary service I do not know about if the others
have companions or esquires or civialn members. Soliders are military members Esquires or Country Squires are citizens that may also have a title
but if they have a title that is supposed to replace the squire rank.

So basically they should all have had to serve at least two years of military service in good conduct. They may already do this that is between the Department of Defense, Congress and the knight commander of the order.

Being a knight order they are military veterns or are supposed to be, which means that they can be called up by the federal army or the home guard units in the state they reside in. Knights are still saluted for their military rank worn on the collar or should boards, if they have military service.

They would need to have a chapter house that meets united states stutues for a monstary with a barrack that has one bed and bath for every knight on the roles. From there it is up the knight commander of the order.
All other knight ordis and orders:

They have to maintain an acadamy to train United States Military Veterans in ethics and law. The two years military service with an honorable discharge confirms two years of good conduct.

This way the country squires with only one level of standing for passing the bar exam, could with two years of good conduct in the military be utilized by the state sherfis department to investigate corruption at the direction of civilian oversight.

For example state congress have the right to raise armies. They do this via the home guard and the state police or sheiffs department it varies from state to state but either way they can take the existing police academy stucture and send military veterans in good standing through the bar exam and then through the acadamy knight program to teach law and ethics. The knights would only have standing unless working for state sherif's department or rangers or what
ever it happens to be called since as new jersey calls them state troopers. The are the executive branch of the state legislative body working with the state judical body. The best use for country squires would be investigating rico violations but it would be up to the civialian oversight to figure that out. An Essquire
holds proven ethics while a squire holds both ethics and military service. In the USA they polish their own boots like squires did in days of yore.

They would need to have a chapter house that meets united states stutues for a monstary with a barrack that has one bed and bath for every knight on the roles. From there it is up the knight commander of the order whom is appointed by a church with two hundred years of history.

Knight Commanders are set by religions because they have to answer to something that holds them accountable for their actions even in death.

Colors and arms have to approved through the department of defense college of heraldry unless the federal congress creates another college of arms. The colors of an ordis or order would be worn in place of a chaplins rope or Aiguillette, which means that even if it takes ten to twenty five years to get the colors
through the college arms, in the united kingdom it takes years to get the words to always mean what they want to paint. In the mean time they would likely
wear a sable Aiguillette to show that colors had not yet been approved, as sable is the absenes of hue.