So I have to clean this up but I took notes over the years when I was different functions and commands and this is some of the things I noticed were issues that got ignored due to too many chiefs not enough workers, as the joke goes. So the biggest thing facing the military is keeping the personel that can do the job despite offers of higher wages in the civilian workforce. Treaty issues are the milities every where have too much management and not enough supervisors.The military restruting at the bottom is part of what several countries are working on to have simalar rank stucture globaly so everyone know who to salute. It started with officers saluted and asked if any mail had showed up to the wrong location then people got petty and refused to salute first so when in doubt turn to the first standing flag and salute that. But the ranksprovide a chain of command. The housing below is because housing is worse problem to moral the miliary faces. This was the best place to start I could think of.
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Company Housing - Bachalor Housing
   First and foremost one floor down for every floor up. With the company officers that are not married living on the nineth floor, driving home the point that with privilage goes responsabilty. If you want that view you have to be willing to take the blame with the good. So the height of the floors I am not certain what makes the most sense. Ten feet, sixteen feet, or twenty feet the idea is work off what you need to place in the space then figure out how big it needs to be. So you start with the company rifle range, you could say various numbers but a thousand meters is more than most people can hit a target at so,
that is a good starting point. An M-16 combat effective range is three hundred meters like most submachine guns. But the troops who need to hit that target at the langer ranges should not have an excuse not to shoot at that range. Inertia and all that happyness. So a thousand meters long is ten regualtion sports fields, which allows for various activities to happen at the same time. Being a sward the side walk should be stone or concrete around the outside so that you can march in dress shoes through the arch to the doors facing into the sward. The first shirt's office and quarter is to the right so that anytime entering the company housing you can be ask to present arms, and he or she can inspect anyone's arms entering the company housing. The armoury is on the right
when exiting so that you can pick up your arms before leaving or be handed them in a hurry. The first shirt's quarters are on the first and second story of the
building only enterable through his or her office. This way they remember they are there to help the troops and serve the officers. If they end up making part of it a place to play billards or a libary or what ever the first shirt is suppose to have privilage but not decadence. The company armorers live above the armory, unless they are officers then who is where on the nineth floor is up the commissioned officers commander. He or She picks one of the corner quarters that has the best view in his or her opinion. Their office are the side rooms to either side of the corners and you can only enter the quarters via the stairwells into them. His second in command would be the diangle office. Then from there would be up to the Company Commander. With the possibilty of leaving them open so when change of command happens they are open rooms or not depending on what makes the most sense to the armed senete committee. This also sets it so there is an office and quarters empty and avalible to an incoming commander. The rooms all have to have shower and tub combination with drains able to handle mud. Each troop from the greenest troop to the officers has one bed and bathroom combination. Enlisted all have the same quarters design except the first shirt and armorers. So if the master sargents think space for a cot and sink is all they need then maybe that is all they need if they want the space for other things. Commisioned officers have the top floor to work with. There should be sick call infirmary some where in the building. That does not precluding having hospitals it seems means people heal better after surgary away from sick people, and simply stuff where someone needs to be watched while sick could be their quarters of an area in the building. With nine floors up that means you need five floors down. The lower floors are likely for storage but you want the vechicals at least a short distance away to build in the idea that the exercise is something that happens and you don't have to think about it ahead of time just plan for time. Miliatary needs must dicate that some times you have to drive somewhere but the if the vechials are all in garage with a built in vechinal bay, then people hopefully plan for enough time to get where they are going. The inner sward being roofed and having mirrors to relect light into the sward and a cafateria, enlisted club, sargents club, and officer's club is one option or having them on the lower floors and open air over the sward. Their has to be a hallway on each floor that is inside wither it is part of the sward or in the middle the shape and size of the quarters needs to dicate that. One option is sixteen foot tall quarters with two layers in the room so that a loft bed and bath starting in part of the quarters or other ways to best use the space, really should get feed back from the troops that have to live in them. The most important thing is that officer's floor nine is off limits to anyone who had not gone through OTS or the acadmeys, so that with the glass ceiling being about the commisoned officer's head, working as enlisted towards a corner office is something worth working towards, only it is corner bedroom on the top floor.

The armoury is where every one that visits the company housing arms are stored and if you enter company housing your arms can be inspected by the company armourer no matter what your rank. Though if a commissioned officer's arms are not to the armourer's level of acceptance, if the officer outranks him or her, the commisioned officer may tell the armourer to fix the issue. Meaning if weapon is unservicable the armourer can ask the troop of any rank to fix it or be told by an officer to fix it. This means that armourer can decide to fix issues or teach troops how to fix thier arms. Mostly this comes up from married troops having armouries in their housing that may not meet company standards. Meaning if a general forgets to load his pistol the armourer can simply borrow it as unservicable, load the magazine, and return it as opps, I guess it was servicable after all.

The enterance way is one side with a decorative arch the company's colors set into stone, so that even when the commander changes the original commander's arms are visible so the history of the unit. This area takes up the long part of the unit's first floor and possible second floor on one side and the side is storage on the first floor or some other purpose so that people are not looking in windows. The two level bedrooms would prevent this as well. Every room would have to have a built in wardrobe with space to store four clean uniforms and two sets of boots and or dress boots depending on what the final uniftied command decides is the uniform. One wardrobe connected or not that stores two combat uniforms. One dresser that stores clothing so it does not end up on the bed or floor. I know I made the joke about a sink and cot but the funiture is make sure that if money get tight that they still have funiture.

Company Housing - Married Housing
   There are based around a pistol range about one hundred yards or a sport field. They are for four families, so that the corners of the building are the differnet families and the sward is the common area. As above if the area in the center is open a common mess hall or club so that while some people may not know how to cook they can walk down or up to the mess hall and hope one of the other families living there can teach them how. The drains being designed for mud and officer's with kitchens in their quarters, they don't have to share the cooking area for cooking if they can not figure out how to share the area's cleaning tasks. The quarters would be inspectable by the officer in charge of the housing area. So if that officer is too lazy to inspect people's quarters and something happens they are still responsable. With the married troops quarters being the same designs they should have enough space for enlisted that are little too stressed and end up with more kids than they know where to put in a small house. Knowing you have one forth of of the area around a regulation sports field if you only have one kid you have more room for libaries or billards rooms. Off base housing is the troop in question's problem, they still have to maintain quarters on base. If there is not housing on base then it is up to the state in question to figure out short term solutions. This solves the problems of who owns the federal land and if your are born on a military base you still have to get a state citizenship as if you were born in a united states terriorty. If the state only gives the base room for four squadrons but gives them tasking that requires more people it is up to the state to figure out where they live. I used the congressional decsions that states can move national parks terriotory around, to help grow more trees or what ever since the state's boudaries are what they are on the map with respectes to the public waterways which are controlled due to being land that impacts more than one state. With the no dumping with in 125 feet of any public water way, or flood plain. But the married housing is different in that the armoury would have to be the first or first and second floor of the area around the arch with maybe a securtiy force shack on the other side. This way you still have to pick up your arms when leaving and they can be inspected if the guard feels like it but if the arms are inspected in a company housing and found to be unservicible then who ever was maintiing the pistol range and arms is slacking to what degree would be up to a mast. The officer might have told them it was fine. The idea is so that troops with families don't have to decide between family and military needs when possible, so the quarters really need to be avalible for troops that suddenly find themselves expecting a new born child, much like leaving the extra two corner quarters empty. The could even have an infirmary space which hospital staff could visit as part of the common area to make sure the children and troops dependants are not sick, thus risking the lives of the troops. People laugh at me on this but hospitals do their best to keep things clean and sterile but people recover better at home.

Chapter Houses (off base)
   These are the religous ordis and order's responsablity. You still have to maintain quarters on base. I know I am still discuing exactly what the hawaiians are going to permit and what simply can not be done there. I got very lucky in that I am a member of the tribal council so that they can explain some stuff without making me learn the tradisions first. I did that once already. Having to keep The one apostila holy roman catholic church and pele happy at the same time is interesting to say the least. How do you keep a volcano happy? The problem was I got married on Hawaii first I think... the kona nuts happened in nineteen ninty three. Which means the Hawaiian tribal council would still controll the chapter house they just have to work with the one apostila holy roman catholic church since I was confirm one apostila holy roman catholic as knight and catholics are not allowed to break oaths. Promises life can happen you do your best but you have to keeps no matter how confusing they are. Thankfully a knight's armor or novum can be considered combat armor and stored in their military quarters, when they are assigned to a military base. But if I am assigned to a base in hawaii I would actually have to get around to building a home for the hawaiian girl who laid me all those years ago. In addition to what ever military quarters I would be assigned. I still owe the tribal council a bunch of waves... but that is the best example I can think of where the knights are part of the military but also answer to their oaths of duty obligation and faith with respects to state laws. Base housing exists as part of the land loaned to the federal government to enable the best protection the state legislative bodies can agree on with respects to state constituions.
Company Housing concept based on the old field quarters. The idea is that the housing is built around a dual purpose field on the first floor. The Bachalor quarters are the company housing with simalar building in a family housing section that are built around a hundred yard long pistol range dual purpose as a sports field. The doors are all through the arch ways.

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So one of the most problematic issues is military housing. The enlisted want to move off base because it is not there home. The best way to fix this is to tear down the old aging barracks and replace them with atrums built of stone. This way you can create dorms that would mirror the married personel's homes. You create a one bed and one bath rooms with the first shirt's office and his quarters on the first floor. The officers live on the top floor, with green or sward in the center that can be used as a sally or dojo and a rifle and pistol range. With an armory to maintain each troops arms and combat novum(shiny armor). The family area ones need to be big enough for sports to be
played on, each corner is a different family. The unmarried troops would need their own bed and bath, but would want more room for an enlisted club and relaxation areas.

I think I figure out one of the other problems from talking to our militaries the officers were told not to fratanize with the troops so they did not know there was a problem with
sargents having troble feeding their children. enlisted had a chow hall that made food in large batches so the costs were down but most people did not have enough spending
money because the generals needed to make what their civilan counter parts did and the airmen were treated as if they were only there to fill burgers not car mechincs.

Likely what happens eventully is that the lowest tier makes what a car or auto mechic starting out makes. You work in the cantina you are making your coworkers resterant
style food. Then my guess is that once everyone is paid that starting point they pay the the second tier an extra percent or what is left then the third tier more of a percent of what is left then fourth tier more of what is left.

For example so the company housing has a cantana that works like a chow hall, at meal times it serves resterant style food, out side of those hours the company's have to
pay someone to work the space they have set aside for a company club, the officers being able to wander in so while they are eating a cheese burger or having a drink they
can over head the air man trying to figure out how to pay for a cheeseburger half way through the month becasue they had to work a couple late shifts to get their tasks done.

So the recuirts in basic get paid ten dollars an hour since that is the national minuium at this point and they have to complete basic to keep their standing, but then once they get through basic and technical school, they are a troop with training that needs grounding to understand their task. So as a lance corporal with technical training they
get paid as if they are an asc certificed mechinic becuase most have at least that amount of training and certifaction. So the Junior Sargent level would be likley be that
forty thousand a year, which does not cover the company housing building because that comes out the cost of the running the company. Then when you shoulder more
responsabily you get the Sargent level which once everyone gets paid that forty thousand or what ever the going rate for an sea plane mechinc is paid, you pay the Sargent level an extra slice of what ever is left to pay troops of every rank. Then you pay the Junior staff level two extra slices of the money that is left. They you pay the Support Staff level three extra slices of what is left. They you pay the Combat Command level four extra slices of what is left. Then you pay the Stragetic Planning Staff level (Major Aor Commanders) five extra slices of what ever is left so that if they planned poorly they get less extra. Congress having to figure Level One and above since they used
to controll discreationary funds and such with millions of dollars in them. They money has to come from some where but having the wet naval type ships simply be company
housing seperate from pay means that that the stretegic planning is expected pay for their own ships so that anyone above that is not expected to be paid more. So
they might get paid in say a monument or something silly or what ever is practical to retain the experience while still being able to pay the people implimenting the work.
If they really need an example I would ask to paid part in thorium or training so that I would be allowed to say own a military aerofoil once the united states of america has
enough to defend the country to start an indy car track between here and mars... but we really need super vision way that can resucue the dudes and gals that try a wee
bit too hard to be first, and to avoid having so clueless wonder try and buzz the tower in a major city then when they fly back go where the city go?

Good example I suggest the money to base commander at sheppard air force base years ago and he said how much is the right amount. I said it's like pizza everyone gets
a slice a company pinic then when one slice is not enough everyone goes through and has a second slice, I said when most people are full then you start with sargents getting another slice if they want another one, so on and so on. If I remember correctly the medical group commander tried it McGuire AFB. Only with money most people
always seem to need more so start with the assumption that unlike pizza a good budget would account for this and those at the top simply have to live by military needs must. Or they simply end up with old ships or airplanes as lawn ortaments... though they may all end up bidding on the the F-104 that I flew which lead to the design of
the banshee YF-37A. Probally not explained well enough that happens a lot I expect people to figure out the next step, but the idea is the united states military has
thousands of old battleships that could be state meausumes and old war planes that could be in muesems or in front of state or country houses... the F-104 I flew is the
YF-104 flying it was flying through rough turbulenace the whole time. Which is where an aerofoil that slices through the air instead attempting to push all the air under
the carpet and walk over that. All the current air frames do that. Most were designed back in the days when all the planes and ships were milspec then someone decided
they did not want to worry about the designs being in enemy hands. Personally I remember one of the weirdest things, the Japanesse had these really super clean F-16
but they did not know how to fly them like american aces did, who usually left stuff in their pockets which fell out during flight as forigne object debris but not as bad as
the britsh which had all kinds of stuff that fell out of their pockets. I think some one got in a lot of trouble at brentwater over that. So while there are living expenses and
spending money to incentive people to work hard you use their avarious over wanting shiny, not greed which is wanting something someone else has but simply wanting
nice things in life.